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Talent Profiling

Talent Profiling is one of the methods we use to “take the talent that exists in all people and encourage it to grow”.  All profiles are online and can be undertaken individually, across an entire team and incorporated within a 360-degree Performance Improvement Analysis (PIA).

When integrated within our programmes they are a “starting point” to establish strengths and hidden potential to deliver results for each delegate.

Undertaken as a standard alone event such as a Training Needs Analysis they are a fantastic tool to align the competency and behaviours for each role to achieve strategic goals.


Find out below how we do this as part of our 'Unleash Your Business Potential' programmes or using Clarity4D tools, for whom we are an accredited business partner.

Unleash Your Business Potential

Our plan is to 'Unleash Your Business Potential'. This is achieved by designing our training programmes to incorporate subject matter and industry specific content provided by a key team, to match individual business profiles.

For example in our Commercial Fast Track Programmes all delegates undertake a80 Commercial Tactics Profile to establish their knowledge and skills against a set competency framework.

All profiles can be undertaken for a self development as well as 180 (self and line manager) together with 360 (self, manager and team).

The following programmes from Reed Consultants use bespoke Talent Profiles provided in conjunction with Realworld


Our Programmes

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Essential Foundations of Sales Managemen
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Rising Stars
ISM BMF Excellence

Click here to download a sample 360 report

Clarity4d logo

As a qualified Clarity4D Business Partner we are able to offer personal profiling.

Clarity4D is a personality profiling tool. It helps individuals, teams and businesses to develop a greater understanding of themselves and their preferences, through the language of colour.

We can provide a choice of profile options that include Personal Profile, Team DyNAmics, Learning 4 Earning, New Direction, Stress in Colour and finally the newly released Sales Profile. 

In My Opinion

In our opinion Clairty4D offers so many benefits, it's hard to explain them all on a webpage!  Click below to download our "In My Opinion" sheet to compare our 10 reasons why you should choose the Clarity4D option.

Clarity4d logo
Clarity4d logo
Sue Reed Clarity4D Profile

What is the philosophy behind Clarity4D?

The name “Clarity4D” came from the concept that there are 4 dimensions of personal development.

  • 1st Dimension: DISCOVER how you see yourself

  • 2nd Dimension: DISCUSS others’ perception of you

  • 3rd Dimension: DIVERSIFY your hidden potential

  • 4th Dimension: DEVELOP your full potential over time


The Clarity4D approach is a process: each stage of the four dimensions is incorporated into the profiles, enabling several interventions which creates long-term change & development for individuals and company culture.

Clarity4d logo
Clarity4d logo
Clarity4d logo

Personal Profile

Sales Profile

Team Dynamics Profile


Commercial Sales Tactics

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