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Our Sales Programmes are designed to improve and develop techniques and skills, leading to imcreased sales performance for individuals and teams. 


Sales Fast Track

The Sales Fast Track is an ISM (Institute of Sales Management) accredited programme designed for all people within Sales who want proven techniques and skills to leverage their sales performance. The programmes kudos will ensure sales is recognised as a profession in its own right, supported by industry knowledge and award winning experts. 


Sales Excellence

The Sales Excellence programme, recognised by the Institute of Sales Management, is dedicated for Sales Managers who want proven techniques and skills to leverage the sales performance of their teams. It will equip Sales Managers with the skills to professionally lead their teams from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’. 


Essential Foundations of Sales Management 

Essential Foundations of Sales Management is a twelve month programme, recognised by the Institute of Sales Management and aimed at supporting talented individuals to successfully manage a portfolio of customers.


High Performance Teams

The High-Performance Teams development programme focuses on the importance of Team Building, Team Work and Team High Performance within any business. This inspirational programme proves 'Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things'. 


Manage, Lead, Inspire

Manage, Lead, Inspire is a 7 day programme aimed at managers who have had a minimum of three months’ experience and who have been identified as potential leaders of the future who require a development programme to support the in-company talent development pipeline.



The PROMAN 5-day development programme has been specifically designed to cover the key areas considered fundamental to successfully project lead a business project from start to finish.

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A unique service provided by Reed Consultants is the Pick & Mix approach. Clients create their own personal programmes to be completed within an agreed timeframe. Any modules from the Reed portfolio can be combined with the resulting programme having its own bespoke branding and content, exclusive to your company.


Train the Trainer

Specifically designed for managers, heads of department and knowledge experts who are required to train and develop colleagues on their specialism to the required standard and behaviours for their role.  

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